Resource list


Ninja stars

Chicken coops



Activity baskets/bags stickers, a sticker page, colouring page, play dough, puzzles, stencils stamps, water colours, collage beans or macaroni, fat crayons, small notebooks, craft sticks, glue sticks, pipe cleaners, a cutting activity, foam craft supplies, books, flash cards.  Coloured toothpicks in a cheese shaker

Boxes can be filled with Duplos/Legos, Magnix, shape sorters, Nest and Stack Boxes, Nuts and bolts, wooden beads to thread,  Sewing cards, Magnetic fishing, Felt board play. 

Sensory bins. Rice/birdseed bin: Add spoons, funnels, measuring cups, a two-litre bottle, a metal strainer, etc. for play. Play figures and toy cars work well, too

I Spy Bottle gather little random items and tiny toys and then filled the bottle part of the way with bird seed. The child turns the bottle to find the items hidden in the bird seed.

Water play: Let your child stand on a chair or step stool at the kitchen sink and “wash” plasticware, dolls or doll clothes—or play with plastic measuring cups and old shampoo bottles.